Monday, April 28, 2008

Andy and Anna and Cami and Calvin came out for lunch on Saturday. Andy went out and help his Dad work on a pivot and Anna creamed me in a game of Scrabble! =) I always love to or lose... =). Andy & Anna went out on a date and the babies went with us to a friends birthday party for a while. They were so good! Calvin ended up being held for about an hour and a half.

We have had a tradition with the grandbabies. On our way to and from Lincoln, we follow a traintrack....for close to 20 miles. If we are alongside a moving train, we sing "Here Come's the Bible Train" until we pass, or it passes us. This Sunday, I grabbed a video of Cami singing it. I can't help but smile watching it! =)

I poped in to work this morning. I don't actually start until the 9th of May, but I worry, if only work about once a week, I'm afraid I will have to start all over each week. I was only there about 20 minutes and Cory put me to work...I can't say I call it "work" yet... =). I want to watch them start the untrasounds /e stim machines a few more times..and watch them adjust them. There is a lot to learn and they keep telling me, it will all come when I have been there more, and it already is getting easier, but still glad to pop by and observe a bit, too. Wow that time goes fast!! =)

.............well for some reason it is playing more than just the one enjoy I guess, or shut it off after the first one.... =)

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anna said...

Thanks for the pic and the video!! They sure love their Grammy & Grandpa...and it was great for us to get out alone too. Thanks for keeping them! It's always a party at Grammy's house.