Friday, April 25, 2008

Rain and Run...

We had a nice half inch of rain in the night. It will stop the planting for today, but a nice drink for the newly planted corn.

I am joining several friends this morning to go clean a dear friend's house. Amy endures the life-trial of lupus and is one of the most godly, sweet ladies I have ever met in my life. She will be tired of laying crowns at Jesus' feet in heaven! =) She has the cutest home and we always enjoy going there and helping in one small way.

I am 'working' at the clinic a few hours this afternoon...still training, but trying to fill in for one of the girls so she can go get her little girl ready for her dance recital this afternoon/evening.

I have still been spring cleaning. Have another couple of bags to take to the thrift store this afternoon. Want to get my tile scrubbed so our new little 'swiffer' won't be dirty when they come out tomorrow! I'm sure looking forward to a kid/grandbaby fix tomorrow.!! =)

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anna said...

Cams & Calvinator need a Grammy & Grandpa fix too! :) ...does it work for overnight? Hope the crops dry out soon to get rolling again in the field.