Saturday, April 12, 2008

I was invited to take photos at the Girls of Grace Daddy Daughter Date Night at our church last night. They had a sports theme and the food was "game-day" dogs and hamburgers, chips, fruit, carrots and dip and pop or water.

A skit (by my good friend, Chris T) was performed by some high school girls and Chris. She was a coach and handed out the 'game book' in which they were all to read before tryouts. Some of the girls did not read the book...but worked hard to make the team, or read lots of other books, but not THE book, or were excited but when it came time to try out..didn't show up, or were just plain lazy.....sounds like the parable of the sower, doesn't it? Well, coach Chris, explained that to the only girl who read the book and tried out by the rules of the book. It was a great skit for any age level, and could easily be understood by the little girls and their dads and some grandpas.

Their speaker was Jonath.on, and he too, did a good job on his message that fell around verses about running the race. The girls had a fun game time at the end.

I spent most of the day putting their photos into a baseball card template and they will be printed and have their 'stats' on the back (favorite memory with dad or grandpa, favorite bible verse, etc.) and then laminated so each girl and dad can have one.

I got some of the girls from the skit and the one above is my niece with her friend (the other is Caroline's best friend, Ashley, and her daddy.

We hope to get to Julie's play at her high school tonight. I heard it is excellant!! =)


Kelly said...

What a great theme, skit and message. We're having an Olympic themed VBS this year -- my wheels are turning on how we might be able to incorporate something like this into the week! Thanks for sharing!

grammy4him said...

Our VBS is a sports theme...we might all need to put our heads together!! =)

Kris said...

Sounds like the skit was awesome! You did a super job with these baseball cards, and thanx for posting Jim & guess is that Caroline will want that one printed out to hang on her closet here :) Looks like we missed a great time!