Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Planting crazy.... =)

As of this morning we have 380 acres of corn planted. If I was a goooood farmwife, I would have taken a couple of photos by now....but I haven't. =) I'll try to grab one today. =) It is going well, considering we just started last Wednesday and had .50 of rain in there as well. It is supposed to be close to 80° today and pretty good chance of rain tomorrow night and Friday. We'll keep going. I am such a weenie... I helped fill the planter a couple of times and my arms are a feelin' it this morning....

I finally mowed for the first time yesterday, too. I was hem-hawing around hoping my darlin' husband would start the mower for the first time. (Small engines and I don't get along to well...) It needed about 1½ quarts of oil and some fresh gas and varrroooom, it started. It sure looks a lot better! =)

Off to take Michael to work.....and it is King he is up, lunch packed and standing by the door..... =)


Kelly said...

Hey Crazy Woman...I think you need to redefine "gooooooood farmwife." Mowing, planting, BK runs...does it get better than that!? You're an AMAZING farmwife. Now, when it comes to us wanting to peek in on all the hard work the farmwife and farmhusband are doing together -- well, then, of course, we want pictures!!!

Kris said...

So glad the progress is moving so great with the corn! I'd love to chat with Michael soon about how things are going with his jobs. Tell him that Ray and Xander ask for B.King every time we drive by (which is almost daily when we head into town to get the mail at the post office!)

anna said...

Yay! Glad to hear the planting is going well. I hope you get a lot more in before more rain comes.

Anonymous said...

My dear Sandy!! So good to see you (K sent me the link) and hear about you and your corny job!! You are looking great and I love your Peeps down in the carton there... too cute. Sounds like things are busy, busy as per usual around your place in the spring. So both you and Michael have more than one job? That's a lot of hats to keep straight! :) I will be back to read more and catch up. I'm loving the slide show that is scrolling by, especially that one of you with the big kitty on your back.

Take care,

grammy4him said...

Hey there Tracy!! Do you have a blog??? If you don't...get one, girl!! =) Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! I do miss you all, but have just tried to keep up here so our ever-spreading family can keep in touch! Do keep popping in, and if you have a blog, give me the link, please! =)
hugs, Sandy