Friday, May 02, 2008

It Was a Good Day... =)

First....I thought I would show you kids what Steve and Sue's house looks like.....does this bring back memories??? I kind of shuddered when I walked in. Man...this reminds me of about 21 years ago...

The top photo shows where they tore off the old porch/laundry room and now have that SE corner of the house filled in. On the inside..middle photo...I am standing by the west wall and shooting at the SE part just added on. You can see that Sue is standing by the stair door and the windows are in the rec-room. This was the first I have been in the house since the basement flooded. There is no basement floor yet, but all new walls. I didn't go down there, but it is completely under all of the house, so will be a nice, big basement. I'll try to get over there more and post as it comes along.

After taking Michael to work this morning, I stopped by the clinic to drop off some supplies I picked up for Cory from Sam.s Club yesterday. I stayed and worked through the rush..till about 11. I headed over to the Thrif.t store and dropped off a couple of bags of clothes I had from cleaning closets and got a nice surprise phone call from my boyfriend....inviting me out for lunch. He unloaded a semi for brother Steve and was heading over for parts, so we ate at the Chinese restaurant downtown. The food was good and too much to eat! I had a couple of errands to run and just went back up to work until it was time to pick up Michael. The time flies there when it is busy. I always learn something new each time I am there. I work Monday and Friday next week. I'll have to have one of the girls snap a couple of photos while I am working with someone... =). I am enjoying every minute of it!! =)

Michael is one happy camper, too. I got an email that Winnie the P.ooh Live is coming to Lincoln in October. I called Anna, to see if it was alright to take Cami and quickly ordered tickets, so we could get good seats. I'll be hearing about this now....for the next five months.. =)

Had a nice phone call from Kristin this evening.. We talked 110 minutes! =) I don't know about you, Daut, but it really made my day! Glad all are doing well and sounds like the house will be done in July!!! Grammy's watching for plane tickets, kids!! =) was a good day... =)


Kris said...

Wow...that does bring back 20+ year old memories seeing those photos! What a project!!

So encouraging to spend time catching up last night-I think 110 minutes isn't NEARLY enough :)

I'll try to get some blogging in soon. Lots of new photos and adventures to share, but it's hard to do amid busy days!!


Sandy B said...

Thanks for the pics, Sandy! You have really got me curious how it's all going. Looks alot different from the last time I was there! Curt went to Wahoo this morning and will stop by for a look on his way back - too bad he doesn't have a camera with him.