Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ringgggggggg, Ringggggggg

*phone ringing* "Andy! It's for you!"....Andy coming down stairs...grabs phone..."hello?"...Dad and Mom in unison..."April Fools"

How many years in a row did we do this to you, Son? Sorry about our cruel sense of humor. It was just so funny to us that you would fall for it more than one time. But what could we expect, waking you from a sound sleep to answer the phone...and why just you??....I still do not know the answer to that...you are just special, I guess. I will not wake you this year, but am still smiling to myself, just thinking about wanting to.... I love you! =)

I had a WONDERFUL birthday yesterday! The little girls were so fun, and Andy and Anna and Calvin came out for supper and we had a big pot of soup and wedding cake and ice cream! =) I started the day with a phone call from some sweet friends singing Happy Birthday at about 7:15 in the morning and had about six more phone calls through the day and many emails and cards. It was fun turning 53! =)

Today, Rylie and I head to the airport about 9:30 and fly back to Phoenix, to her mommy. I just run her out to the curb and come back in and grab the next plane back! I have done more traveling this year........!

In a few weeks, I will head to KC and spend a few days with my Dad, while Peg takes a little trip. It is hard for Dad to travel anymore, being on oxygen full time, so we made a date yesterday to play some cards and I'll fix him whatever he wants to eat! =) I'll probably take my laptop down and do some scrapbooking and I have a few other projects to work on during his naps! I am looking forward to seeing my sisters down there, as well, during my stay.

Well, I hear a little girl squeaking in the other room, so guess I will see if she is up for the day and wants some breakfast. She is pretty well packed, except snacks. ....and off we go! =)


Kelly said...

First of all, Happy Birthday, to you, friend! Undoubtedly, you look back at your 53 years and see a God who is faithful day after day! You are STILL such an example to me, and I thank the Lord for you! Praying for your travel itinerary, too, and the many opportunities you'll have to minister to those you see!

Andy said...

I'm sure I deserved the April Fool's jokes. I certainly dished out my fair share of teasing and practical jokes, so it's only fair that I had to take them as well! Those are good memories :)

Happy Birthday again, and we're praying for safe travels today!

Kris said...

I was wondering if you might've called Andy this morning, then I remembered that Anna probably would have answered the phone if she was up early with one of the kids, so it wouldn't work as well :)

Hope you've had smooth flights today and some good sweet time with little miss R!