Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ear lift =)

Well the 'ear surgery' went well today. It only took about 45 minutes and what a nice Dr. We visited the whole time. The most painful part (so far) was the shots to numb my earlobes. I get the stitches out in a week and can have them re-pierced in three weeks (instead of the 2 months that the nurse quoted over the phone when I set up the appointment). I now have little black stitches for earrings. Not to gross anyone out, but it was wierd hearing the thread being pulled through... I would have loved to had a mirror so I could watch, but didn't want him to think I wanted to make sure he was doing it right or was going to complain. I love medical stuff and I couldn't feel it anyway, so wouldn't have cared that it was happening to me. I even watched Michael getting a spinal tap almost 28 years ago. It feels like I have 'paper cuts' on both earlobes. It is not really painful...more just uncomfortable....tonight anyway. I'm sure it will be a bit more sore tomorrow. At any rate, I am ready to hit the hay for tonight...... =)


Sandy B said...

Glad to hear you got through it all OK. Sounds like maybe you should have gone into nursing!:-)

cheryl said...

You LOVE medical stuff?? Get your fanny up here and I'll give you MEDICAL STUFF!!! : ) I'll even take care of your ears! : )

Glad it went fine! You'll have little "pretties" in your ears before you know it!

Thanks for your notes! They help!

Kelly said...

HA -- Glad to HEAR that it went well for you, Little Miss Vanity! (teehee) -- although, you did make me shiver reading about the stitches...can't say I share your "love" for medical stuff! :)

Kris said...

I'm starting to wonder if we all'd be better off just getting tatoos on our earlobes??? I struggle with mine and allergic reaction to certain metals (right now the only kind I can wear comfortable is gold, and I don't prefer the pricetag on that!!)

I think ear tatoos might be a new trend to start up...whatcha think?? ;)

grammy4him said...

My black thread earrings are pretty cool....wanna try that??? =)