Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What a nice rain

We had a beautiful ½" of rain last night. I think we have about 140 acres of corn left to plant on the "Tarpenning" farm ...where he was planting last evening. As the lightening flashed closer in the west, he folded up and headed for the shed.

It was such a beautiful, warm day yesterday. I did get over and picked up sticks for a couple of hours. There are many days in the spring, summer and fall that I basically have no sense of smell due to allergies. That was not true yesterday. What a blessing!! The wild plum bushes are absolutely loaded with the most fragrant blossoms. I was wishing that there were more sticks to pick up there instead of down the hill! That sent needs to be bottled! Maybe that is what heaven will smell like...ya think??

Well, today I am taking care of some vanity. I have had pierced ears for almost 40 years...I can't believe I can say that! ACK! The right ear ring hangs by a thread of skin. I have wanted to get it fixed for several years, but knew our health insurance would not cover it (cosmetic) and know it is basically a waste of money, but thought I would look into it for fun. It was MUCH cheaper than I thought it was going to be, so that is my birthday present from best friend. I am getting both ears done, as the left ear is stretched too, just not as bad as the right. Guess I should go take before and after photos... =) I have to admit I am a little nervous, as I don't take pain meds ( I get migraines easily from them) and am thinking this might hurt a bit in a few hours after the numbness wears off. They just numb the earlobes and do their thing. That part doesn't bother me...I actually would like to watch it. Oh well, just glad to be getting it done and I can get them re-pierced in two months.

Well, off to take Michael to work. You can tell the difference between Tuesdays and Thursdays, from Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He is up and going on T&Th and grumpy on the others. He LOVES working for KZCO and is totally fine when he gets to Region V...just grumpy getting up and getting ready to go there. He is out packing his lunch...lasagna, fruit cup, cookie and a bottle of water. He is a good kid...just glad he doesn't know he probably wouldn't have to go if he didn't want to. Kind of hard to make a 200 lb. dude get in the car if he has a mind not to..... =)


Sandy B said...

Hope your ear "surgery" :-) goes well. You'll look like a new woman!

cheryl said...

You KNOW....some people train their earlobe holes to be bigger so they can put these odd rivets in could have gone for that look, but I think little pearls are much prettier for you!

Hope it went well...and that you didn't get another headache! BTW...did you ever check into an Rx for those pills Jane gave you when you were here??

hugs, c

grammy4him said...

All went well. Little sore tonight. Feels kind of like paper cuts on both ears. Not super painful, just uncomfortable.

I did not check on the maxalt Rx. I still rotate Imatrex and Zomig and do have good luck with them. The Maxalt worked great, but it is chewable and I honestly would rather throw them to the back of my mouth and get it overwith, as I am usually a bit nausiated by the time I take my meds and don't care for the taste of anything by then...

I'll go over and check your blog and see if there is an update on your dad. Pray he continues to gain health back hour by hour...