Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Grandbaby Fix Day!! =)

I go in to get my stitches out this morning and then I am going to have lunch with Anna, Cami and Calvin. We are having a little photo shoot for their birthdays, then Cami will come with me. We pick up Rylie around suppertime. I love having the little girls together. I'm sure I will grab a photo or two. I wish it would be a bit warmer. I would love to take them up to Alison's and let them see all the baby chicks of the many different birds they raise. I'm not sure if she has tomorrow off anyway. I am planning on having the girls make cupcakes for tomorrow nights dessert. We will have a birthday supper for Cami and Calvin and Andy and Anna will come out, too. Cami will go home with them and I take Rylie to the airport on Friday and she and her mom head back to Phoenix. It is a short visit, but I am so thankful we get a few days with the girls! =) to take Michael to work..... =)


RB said...

Can't wait to see the pictures!

Kathy said...

Have FUN!!!!!! I know you'll love every second of those baby girls!