Thursday, May 15, 2008

We're Havin' Fun Now! =)

Just a couple of photos from yesterday. This one of Cami and Calvin was taken in the neighbors back yard. We got several nice photos..will post more later... =) Thought I would share this one of the girls playing outside. Rylie is still quite afraid of our cat, but Cecil the Diesel has been such a good boy and has kept himself pretty hidden. I have spotted him, but thankfully, Rylie has not .........until this morning when she saw him under the deck.

I'll share some more later. The girls just helped me fill the cupcake papers and are now in playing with the dolls and tea set. We made big cupcakes to put together an Elmo cupcake cake and some little 'tea' size cuppie cakes for a nice afternoon tea party...after we get them frosted later. The time is going fast already! We had a slumber party on the livingroom floor. I found that they both talk in their sleep and roll all over. (They would probably tell on my snoring if I let them write a line....=) They were up around 7, had breakfast and we all took Michael to work before coming back to start our baking. Well...better go check those cuppiecakes... =)
graphic by mojackson


anna said...

Aw, sweet photos! I'm happy thinking about the girls playing together today and getting some cousin time in. Cami LOVES baking (especially the licking-the-bowl part).

Kris said...

What fun grammy time they're having! We always hear at least 1 of the kids saying something in their sleep each night.

I love that sweet hammock photo!! :)

cheryl said...

PRECIOUS!!! I'd love to be there making "cuppiecakes" with ya all! Give Rylie a huggin from "Grammie Cheryl"! xxoo