Saturday, May 03, 2008

We went to Andy and Anna's this afternoon to attend her brother, Nick's, graduation open house. It was good to see so many friends and family from both sides of their families. They will be moving to Las Vegas later in the month. Anna is the only sibling on her side now, that will still be in NE.

I grabbed this photo before we left, of the training activities going on across the road. We knew they were to have a big weekend this weekend, and I really expected there to be more 'noise' going on over there. They are having staged battles and have several 'camps' set up in the many acres of the training site. I remember when the boys were very little, they were afraid of the 'army men' training across the road. I think it was Brian, who had nightmares and thought they were coming in the windows...or he was trying to get out the was that Brian????

When they were a bit older, they would go across and get down in the ditch and pretend they were shooting at the soldiers and I guess once in a while, the soldiers would pretend they would shoot back at them.

We are thankful for their participation and it gives me a sinking feeling to know that they could be sent overseas after these types of operations are done. We have so much to be thankful for and part of that is because of the bravery of these young men........


Kris said...

Xander just took a look and said, "Cool, they were in Grammy's back yard?"

(I reminded him that you don't have a back yard!!)


grammy4him said...

Tell them it is across the road where Grandpa takes them down through the ditch with the 4-wheeler and in the tall grass.... =)

....if I had a back yard..I guess this would be it...since it is kind of 'behind' the house... =)

grammy4him said...
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