Friday, June 27, 2008

They're Here!!!

The kids got in a bit after noon and went to look at houses right away. They got out here around 7 pm. Dad took them over to the farm that was flooded so bad and we ate and visited. Another day of house hunting is the plan for tomorrow. That cat was sure glad to see Amy! He is IN love! =)


cheryl said...

Aww...Thanks Sandy for putting these pics on for me to see! Made me cry...but THAT doesn't take much these days! They sure look time, get one of Brians face! I miss him too!

Amy looks so natural with Cecil...he looks so much like Toby! I'll be SHE was in love too!

You keep taking pictures, ya hear?? LOL!

RB said...

Aww, well, without me, what's he gonna do? ;) That big ole cat.

Exciting news!

Kris said...

I knew the 'Diesel'd warm right up to our dear Amy! He always takes to that streak of ornery, as we know!! ;) ;)

cheryl said...

streak?? STREAK??? I'd say she's more like a HIGHWAY of ornery!

Boy..I miss that lil' darlin!