Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Brian & Amy's House Hunt....

Here is the kid's first choice. It is in the 192nd & Q area. It has large rooms, lots of kitchen cabinets and a great finished basement. Pray that their AZ home sells real soon so they can put an offer in! =) Wanna leave this piece with the house? =)
This was the second choice in the same area of town. It had a lot of room as well, and is cute as can be, too! =)

Looking forward to having you all back in a few short weeks!!!


cheryl said...


They are SUCH a CUTE couple!!!

and oh, btw....the houses are okay too! Thanks Sandy for getting some shots! They make me smile!

P.S. The code word verification is yasdgrab! Yes...I WOULD like to GRAB those kids and give em a hug!

Kris said...

All in the Lord's good timing! Looks like some lovely neighborhoods there!!

anna said...

Yes very cute houses (and couple!)...we're excited to hear the developments! We'll be praying for a quick sale. The Lord very obviously opened up this HUGE door for them to move, so we'll look forward to hearing how it goes.