Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Celebrating J's 57th today...

I ran Michael to work and had dear hubby get my tiller started for me. For the life of me..I can NOT get that thing started for the first time. I don't know if I just don't have the pull power any more or what, but it sure is a stumbling block for me...kwim??! I could just kick it, but I know I would just hurt my toe to top it off!! =)

Got the horseshoe pits tilled up and getting ready to head to Lincoln. A group of gals are meeting for lunch to celebrate Jackie's birthday (it was Sunday) then I am going to clean her section at church for her. She had surgery on her knee last week and I want to do this for her as she always cleans for me when we are gone in the winter. She said she could and I said she COULDN'T! =)

One of our landlord's, Jerry, passed away Tuesday morning. He has suffered for years with a Parkinson's like disease. He had a sense of humor the whole way. We are going to miss him. I graduated with his daughter, Cathy. We always enjoy their whole family and will go to the visitation tonight and funeral is in the morning. Steve is a pallbearer.

Having a fourth party here, beginning with a horseshoe tournament. Half of us are crippled up so smaller tourney this year. My 35th reunion is Saturday night. Cami and Calvin will be with us from the fourth for a few days so Rachael is coming to babysit Sat. evening. It will be fun having them for a few days. The Calvinator just got weaned, so he is growing up!! He is walking now too!! =)

......better go jump in the shower and head out to party!! =)

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cheryl said... party animal!!! Hope you had fun a lunch. How I long for the days!!

Anymore pics of the youngins last weekend?? You don't have to make pages for them...just send them to the hole in this mama's heart! aka: zip em up and send em!

Have a GREAT 4th...we're going to Adam and Ally's for food, fun and homemade ice the "big bucket" as Adam requested!