Friday, July 25, 2008

Cross Training....2008 VBS at IHCC

This has been a fun and busy week with VBS. (Probably more busy driving back and forth than actually at VBS! =) It was an Olympics theme this year. The skit was excellent (as usual) and portrayed athletes, some of who were not prepared when the Olympic official came to watch them to see if they qualified. Some had trained properly and others were just not prepared when he showed up...signifying our lives in Christ...some of us train in our everyday walk, as we study His Word, pray and serve Him, and others do not take time to obey His commands...

Normally I spend a lot of time taking and editing group photos for craft frames, but no frames were used for crafts this year. I didn't get nearly as many photos as I usually do, but here are the ones I got so far. Today is the last day. We will be busy putting things away this morning and the kids will be singing their songs for the last time and taking their crafts home this morning. I sure had fun with Ashton and Julia this week!! After VBS this morning, we will drive thru somewhere and grab some lunch and head to Wahoo. I work for Travis, who is going on vacation with his parents (he graduated HS this spring) and the girls will stay at the clinic and probably help fold laundry. (Michael's DVD player and a few cartoons are also there from yesterday and they can watch that a bit, too. I worked for Alison yesterday afternoon, so she could take off and go to the program with the girls. Anna emailed and said that Matt had a great message at the program and I know the kids worked hard and it was so fun to hear them sing their hearts out for Jesus at the practice in the morning! =)

We actually could use an inch of rain or so. We started irrigating. The corn is fully tasseled and looks nice even tho it has been hailed on three times. I have been picking sweet corn the past three days. What a sad patch and garden this year. I had a couple of cucumbers and just mowed off the green beans. The hail was a bit much for them. I won't be canning tomatoes this year either, as they are not doing real well either. I am thankful for what is still on the shelves and in the freezer from last year, and will hope to have a better garden next year.


cheryl said...

I continue to be so blessed to see the pics of IHCC VBS! Right down to the staff lounge! What love and service goes into this week, huh? And how blessed you are to have men take vacation to teach the children the Word of God!

Ahhh....breath of fresh air! Glad you had fun, but remember how exhausting it is! If I were there, I'd make you dinner and bring it to your beautiful new kitchen, sit down and dine with ya!

Anna said...

This week was SOOOOOOooooo much fun! It was so much fun in fact that the kids and I came home and all crashed--even I slept 2 hours! :) Praise the Lord for this ministry. A good chance for the kids to grow and learn about Jesus.