Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We are thankful......

I know I haven't posted photos of the crops since spring. I am not superstitious, but the last two years we have had absolutely beautiful crops and God allowed the winds to come and blow them over...two years in a row. These crops have had three hailstorms and a couple of pretty strong windstorms so far this year. The bottoms leaves of the corn plants are still all shredded from the early hail, but look beautiful and the beans have finally closed the rows. Everything is a lot shorter than usual because of the cooler than usual spring, but we are so thankful for the crop......and know the Lord could still decide to take it down, if He wills.

My mower ......(my new mower that cute farmer got me for our anniversary!!) broke down last week and the parts finally came, so it is now fixed back up and I got half of the yard mowed last night...coming in when it got too dark. I'll finish the rest later this morning. It is soooo foggy this would be a soppin' mess to mow now. I also want to finish painting the is going to be a booger to get above the cabinets...especially above the fridge....Ammmeeeeeeeeeee...where are you??? hehehe You couldn't perch on this shelf, little girl!! =)

I get my hair cut this afternoon, pick up Michael and run him over to Grandma June's and go back and work from 3 to close and then we have supper at the folks. Aunt Jeanne arrives this morning for a visit. It will be sooooo good to see her again. I'll snap some photos and post later!

Better get the dude going for work.....(he is out packing his lunch...better see if he has something in there besides fruitsnacks... =)

...........I also added a few more photos to the VBS slideshow.....the pie in the faces that we do every year if the mission giving goal is met! Sue S. got it this year! =)


Anna said...

Love the pretty farm photo. Sounds like you have a fun & busy week planned. Hope we get to see Aunt Jeanne too!

Kris said...

Hey, I remember that farm!! ;)

God has chosen to give you a beautiful crop at this point in time...and we know very well how He gives and takes away according to His perfect will. We're sure hoping there will be a bit of harvesting left to do at Thanksgiving time when we come back, although I know the guys would like to have it in long before that. (the 4-wheeler would suffice nicely as an alternative. Wait, that would be inclusive anyway!)

We just got a nice rain shower this afternoon so I'm relieved of having to hand water the yard tonight-PTL!

Looking forward to "tax free weekend" out here in the Carolinas for all items related to school/college/children. They do this twice per year over the weekend, and this one is stragetically placed to help parents with buying school clothing and supplies to start fall, and for college students who need to buy bedding/etc. I have a list ready and the kids' school has a supply list we'll take along. We plan to hit the stores early tomorrow to avoid the rush of Friday afternoon/Saturday/Sunday. Any and everyone gets the tax exemption regardless of age/etc. so the stores are FULL from what I hear! Just like Black Friday, eh?? :)

cheryl said...

That's one BIG farm!!! Ally has "corns" now too!! I'm going out tonight so we can get an early start at canning in the AM! She has blackberries ready to make jelly from! Yahoo! Also, making pickles...all kinds of pickles, including Bread & Butter..her favorites!
Praying that the Lord will allow you a WONDERFUL full crop this year!