Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Few More Photos......

This photo was blurry, but I liked it anyway, so I played with it in photoshop a bit.... =) Rylie....Cami still likes to pet the you like to pet your kitty too???
It was such a beautiful weekend...great for being outdoors for a couple of hours!
I would like to say that Cami helped bake these rolls, but she took an almost 3 hour nap and this is where they were at when she got up! (She did help fix the soup for supper...=) These do not have the yummy brown sugar maple glaze drizzled over them yet. We had some for dessert for supper and the other three went into the freezer.
I begged Cheryl for her recipe. Cheryl, I made up the whole frosting recipe and divided it into fourths and put each in a baggie and it went into the bag in the freezer. My plan is to warm these in the microwave and "melt" the glaze a bit and snip off the corner of the bag and drizzle while all is warm ...have you tried that before??? They are super yummy!!
(She had these scrumptious rolls waiting for us the morning after Brian and Amy's wedding!)
p.s. Cheryl.....I showed Steve what you said at the end of your recipe...he just smiled...=)
Girls **note** one recipe will make two round pans...what you see here is a doubled recipe..


cheryl said...

BEEEUTIFUL!!! I can almost smell them!! Yes, I did the same as you and put the little packets of frosting in the freezer with the rolls...GREAT for fast mornin' breakfasts! I just took them out the night before and put them in a slow oven for 10 min. or so...and they were nice and warm after I got out of the shower!

Glad you liked them...and I forgot what I wrote at the end of the recipe! (something about getting what you want if you make these for your man, no doubt!) Work for me! :)

Loved that pic of Cami that you played with! I am getting ready to take time to play with some snaps too...when I quit hunting down Crai.gslist treasures!! That site is ADDICTING!

Man..I might as well have written you an emial! LOL!

night, livia!

cheryl said...

to make clear:

I didn't put them in the OVEN the night before...I just took them out of the freezer to THAW the night before. Then, put them in a 300 oven for 10 min. or so and they will be warm. Then glaze...oh yeah!

Kris said...

MMMM, methinks I'm needing that recipe, too. (especially if it involved husband leverage...perhaps he will get me my mower and/or grill after just one bite!?) ;)

Anna said...

YUM--yes please do share the recipe...those rolls were the best! I'm drooling just thinking about them! :)

Anna said...

...and love those pics of Cami! The first one is really cool.

cheryl said...

Check my'll find the way to your man's heart right there! I'm glad you liked em!