Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Birthday "Pops"

I thought I would give these things a try, but opted to do it the 'Oreo-Ball' way, which is one package of oreos, 8 oz of cream cheese and blend together and form into balls and chill. The pink coating is about ¼ package of white almond bark and about ½ cup of cherry chips (found by the chocolate chips).
After that set up, I dipped the tops in melted vanilla almond bark and quickly sprinkled the decorations on them.
The process was not problem free.....
Thursday is Alison's (at work) birthday, so I will drop this by in the morning.


Brian & Amy said...

So, looks like you were the guinea pig on these. They look pretty yummie!!! :)

Kris said...

Fabulous...I think if I were Allison, I'd be keeping the whole bouquet for myself!! :)

cheryl said...

You DID NOT!!! Ha! I KNEW you'd take on this challenge! Okay...guess I'll be trying it now. Maybe say...OCTOBER?? ;) Those look sooo good! You should send a pic off to that girl!

Oh...the bed looks soooo good! I painted it yesterday, sanded it down this morning and it's set up in Amy's room. Had a little problem with squaring it up though and getting the canopy bars on it, so tomorrow morning that'll get done and I can put some pics on my blog!