Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happiest of Birthdays Dear Amy!!! =)

God blessed us with a new daughter this year and today happens to be her birthday!! We feel blessed to have God answer our prayers so quickly! Thank you for loving our son and joining our family!!!
We sure wish we were there to share a piece of cake and I know your mama was excited to fix you your favorite meal. We are so thankful she is there to celebrate with you!!!
May you be blessed with many more!! We love you!! Dad, Mom and Michael!!!


Brian & Amy said...

Sandy, this is THE cutest page! Soooo Shabby Chic! We did have fun yesterday and wish you were here! We'll have a BLAST come Feb! I tried calling your cell yesterday and you weren't there. We got a couple big chucks (not uncle chucks!) at Sams yesterday and Amy wanted to make it up in bags of shredded beef. I was calling to see how you did it and if you put any seasonings in it. I'll try calling again today. If not...send me an email!
Have a great day! BTW...they are STILL in love and your son looks GREAT!!! He's such a perfect hubby for my gal!

Brian & Amy said...

oh boy...i forgot i wasn't on my own screen name....but it was cheryl that wrote that above message!