Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am sprinkling in photos between what Kristin has posted on her blog. I already had this one in my file before I noticed she made that sweet page for us. This was Sunday morning before church. These were taken after church at Cherr.y Park. It was a perfect place for photos. Hey Julie and Ryan, maybe we should go here to get the graduation photos???!!! =)
Ray really has changed the most...he talks a lot more and is quite a character! =)
Michael loved the big swings!
They were quite busy with this funnel
Loved this shot of Adam and Kristin
My two youngest babies.... =)
Mom and Daut
In front of Adams office...
The next four at Southern Evangelical Seminary

Getting ready for the grand finale Monday night

Riding bikes with the kids before we loaded the van and headed to the airport...

You guys have a beautiful home and we got to see and do so much in our quick five days!!
It was a fun trip and we miss you all already!!!


Kris said...

AH, there are all our missing puzzle pieces to the adventure! :) I got your 'leftovers' ready to mail back to you today. Tell Mike I'm sorry he'll be missing that ONE sock for a few days until it arrives....perhaps he can just wear sandals??
(oh wait, he's one of those who wears socks w/ his sandals...oh dear!)


Anna said...

Great photos, all of them--looks like such a fun time! Loved seeing you ride the bikes! :)