Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Busy Days....Beautiful Weather

What a difference a day makes....
On Sunday, we met Eric and Stephanie and Andy, Anna and the kids at Val's for lunch. We have not eaten "in" for a long time. Brad, Jackie S. and Dan McGrew also joined us. All are doing good and was fun to 'catch up' with Eric and Stephanie. Later we went to the "Welcome Back" fall picnic at church. It was supposed to be outside with food and games, but it was cloudy, cool and windy, so the food was served in the family center. It was still a great time of fellowship and always a good program to follow.

I worked on Monday and Tuesday. I told Cory I can get the hours in this week, as we might start picking 'wet corn' for a cattle feeder later this week, or as soon as they are ready to start taking it in. I was there 11 hours on Monday and 10.5 on Tuesday and then went over to watch my niece's volleyball game that was in town. It was almost a family reunion there with eight of us there to cheer her on, and was good to visit with a few other friends from W.ahoo that I haven't seen for a while.

The weather on Monday and Tuesday was right back to summer. What beautiful days! Warm and sunny and light breeze. It is supposed to be this way the rest of the week. I kept telling the patients that I was going to take them outside to finish their stretches. =)


Kris said...

Dad told me there was a big game on in Wa.hoo last night! I'm glad so many got to go...sure wish I could've been there, too! :)

It was fun to have Dad call and tell me about the tool he was using out in the shop that he discovered was made right here in our "home town"! I told him it was probably shipped in from China...we're just the middle man (and he told me that the name of the company here in R.ockHill started with Chi.cago!!) Sheesh.

We have fall like days yesterday and today, but gorgeous low 80's projected for Friday and thru the weekend. So glad Adam will be done w/ his Daniel papers by Friday's deadline so we can spend some time outside as a family this weekend.

cheryl said...

Love hearing your narrative about your days...makes me think I'm there too!

We had a beautiful day yesterday...lots of sun! Prayin' it dries things up around here. Another beauty scheduled for today and sofar, it's true!

Miss you!

Sandy B said...

You are one busy woman!

Thanks again for coming last night. :-)