Thursday, September 18, 2008

Maybe Start Harvesting!

I guess we might start picking corn today.... I promise I will finally grab some photos of the farms....long overdue.... =)

Anna and Cami are coming out late this afternoon and they and Michael and I are heading in to Oma.ha for supper and on to the Q.uest Center to see D.isney on Ice, A Dis.neyland Ad.venture. Thankfully there is another one to look forward to in October as well. He gets so bummed when his special things are over.

Michael had a dentist appt. yesterday after work and had two small cavities filled...and he did great! I was dreading taking him, as he has not had a full fledged filling yet. He will next can pray for us... =)

Yesterday was also Travis' last day at work. He gradutated this spring and will be starting classes at a Tech school in Milford. I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies and dropped them by in the afternoon. Steve said they were the worst cookies I ever made. I don't eat chocolate, but I could tell they were going to be dry. I put ground oatmeal in them instead of nuts, and me thinks me put just a bit too much in.... =). Oh well, nothing a glass of milk can't wash down... =) . I didn't take a photo, but they looked nice! =)

We're going to miss you Travis!! =)

Here are a few photos from Julies volleyball game in Wa.hoo.... =)


cheryl said...

Nice "Dippity" Do on Travis! I thought that pic was so funny, but I couldn't get anyones face to fit it! Ha! I'm SURE he's gonna dig it!

Looking foward to some of your harvesting pictures! Hope it's a very good year for you!

Anna said...

Yes cute picture, and nice gesture with the cookies...looking forward to the show tonight! Bet the Papa's busy gearing up for harvest.

Kris said...

We defintely like a dry cookie now and then to really soak up the milk good-my fam. often requests that I buy the dry/crispy ones at TJoe's just for that reason!

I hope harvest is off to a great start! Before you know it, it'll all be in and we'll be on our way west to celebrate Jesus w/ you!