Friday, October 24, 2008

Ducky Weather

I can't believe I haven't posted all week! The guys were trying so hard to finish up beans, but the combine had other plans on Monday. It started raining late Monday and we ended up with over two inches of rain here by Wednesday morning..... and much more north of here. I took Michael in to work on Wed. and went over to the clinic and ended up staying until 3pm. Cute Farmer came over at noon and we had lunch together. We checked the rising creek and I went back to work and he had a couple of errands to run, I picked up Michael and we all headed home....with the creek out in the fields by now, but not over the road. Our last 80 acre bean field ended up flooding. It has been cloudy and showery ever since. Cute Farmer says there is no way we will be done with harvest by Thanksgiving this year....and I totally believe that! The corn still tests wet, too, so hard to tell when we will get back to harvest.

We got an email that Aunt Verna had another setback and is not doing well in the hospital. Cousin Carol and husband Norm are headed back to NE today. We went up to see her (with sister Sandy) last evening. She is on a ventilator. Cousin Allen and wife Laurie were there with her and we had a nice visit with them. Aunt Verna had had some seizures and was/is battling some kidney infection as well. They said the seizure meds will wear off by today or tomorrow and they will be able to tell better if there was damage from her having stopped breathing. We are praying that the prognosis will be good, but will find out more today or tomorrow.

My boss, Cory, and his wife had their baby boy on Monday. They came home from the hospital yesterday afternoon and I took supper in to them before we went up to see Aunt Verna. I got to hold that new little peanut. What miracles babies are!!! =) He is a little cutie with lots of dark hair. Makes me long to meet my two new grandbabies due in the spring....and makes me miss all the rest even more!! The new parents are doing fine and he is going to have lots of mommies looking out for him with twin 4 year old sisters and another one 20 months old sis hovering over him.

My computer is also acting up these days, too. I'm getting Win.16 Subsystem.errors and having to restart it several times a day as it freezes up and stops responding. Ack!! I do leave too many things open and just leave it...probably doesn't help...........

Working from 7-6 today...been a busy week! =)....and tomorrow is Xander's 6th birthday! Wow, these grands are getting old fast!! =)


Anna said...

We'll be praying for the fields to dry out! Can't believe all this moisture, drizzly here too again today. ...and so sorry to hear about Aunt Verna! Keep us updated with that, we will be praying.

Kris said...

I think perhaps the Lord does want us to be in NE for part of the harvest this year, eh?! ;)

We'll be praying for otherwise, however!

Thanks for all the updates!

Brian said...

Tech support is available this weekend if needed for the computer issue ;-)

cheryl said...

That "tech support" man is amazing! My box runs great now! I'll try to keep from making a mess of it again until right before he comes back again next time! (hopefully, with our grandbaby in his arms!!)

OH...I CANNOT WAIT!! Ally and I called Amy tonight offering name suggestions! WE missed her so much that we just sat there coming up with beautiful names to go with your last one!
p.s. my word verif. is "supperp"! LOL!