Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday wishes... =)

The kids are in Chicago this weekend celebrating birthdays with Amy's mom and Brian and getting some much needed hugs! It is hard having kids living all over the country. We are soooooo blessed to have telephones, airplanes and internet!!! I don't even like to imagine what it was like in the pioneer days when that wagon headed west with your babies and grandbabies and you wondered (knowing it was probably true...) if you would ever see them again!! Now, I whine when it has been a few months since I've wrapped my arms around my kids and grandbabies! I'm very thankful to have Andy and Anna and the babies so close...and it is even week to week or longer sometime before we see each other!! I'm so glad that Cheryl and Brian are together celebrating this year, and glad to hear that Amy is feeling better, too!! Love you all!!!

Harvest continues. It has been tricky the past couple of weeks as we get just enough rain to stop bean harvest. They switched back to corn yesterday for the day and will try beans today. The forcast is for rain to move in tomorrow night and rain most of the week. They will go like crazy until it gets to tough to cut again. It would be so nice to get them done!.... It is very rare to miss Sunday morning church. Michael and I will huddle around the computer and listen unless I need to help them move equipment. Get a load of that forcast on the side here >>>> does it say snow??>>>>>> ack!


cheryl said...

Awwww...thanks for the BD wishes!! My day was wonderful and I hope Brians was good too! I know he'd have loved to have his family here too, but harvest is calling! I tried my best to make him a good dinner! I think he's enjoying home cooking again since wifey has been down for the count! I'm so happy too that Amy is feeling pretty good! She hasn't gotten "sick" since she's been here...only a little moment here and there. Hopefully, she'll get back home and begin to move again! Just as you and I are getting snow...her weather will turn bearable again!
P.S. I have a picture of here little tummy for ya! :) I'll have to ask her if she'll let me post it or keep it private! Ha!

Brian said...

Thanks Mom! Having a nice relaxing weekend here in Chicago... it is "colder" but not "cold" :)