Saturday, October 11, 2008

Harvest Continues.....

The guys have moved over to SJ's side these past two days. We finished the beans close around home here. We still have Proctor's bottom field, Milton's and the re-plant on Tarpenning's. I'm not sure how many acres SJ has, but I imagine we are well over half done with all of the beans between us.

I just heard the guys saying that they heard we are supposed to get between two and four inches of rain from tomorrow through Tuesday, so I imagine they will go as late as possible tonight.

June invited me to go with her to one of their Prime.Time get-togethers at the Double.D.Ranch tonight. (...since her hubby is helping with harvest =) It is only a couple of miles from here and they are only open on the weekends now. They serve a 'chuckwagon' style supper and have a country western music show. I'm sure Michael won't mind another leftover fried chicken supper.

I am working Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week. I have only been working one or two days a week the past couple because of harvest. The newest girl, Carie, is sheduled to get back surgery next week, so will pray it is sucessful for her and that she can recover quickly. She has four girls at home and I'm sure they will be a lot of help for her. Cory & Laurie's baby is scheduled to be born on Monday the 20th and he will be off that week to stay home and help when she gets home. I'm sure all their little girls (twin 4 year olds and about 20 mo. old) will love to get that baby brother home and mother him!! =) I have been working on a new Christmas Ad for the little town paper for work. Most of them remembered to bring their coats, hats and gloves on Friday and I snapped photos. I'll post the finished project when I get it all done. I still need to get a couple more people on Monday. I have most of it together .. =) One of them wanted to be a party-pooper, but he is in there anyway... =)

Well, better get back and listen to the end of the NE - TX game....

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Kris said...

I'm sure the game sounds are ringin' through the tractor and combine cabs today, too, eh?

We've got dark clouds looming here, but nothing's supposed to come of it. Have had nice rains the last several days, so I think my new little grass sprouts will have a fighting chance.