Sunday, October 12, 2008

Double D Ranch Outing..

Since the guys were harvesting, June called and asked me to take her hubby's place at this outing with friends.... After we arrived and got our tickets, we headed outside and boarded the train that took us for a ride around the property. We heard a loud "bang" and then several more. Our train was being 'robbed' by these outlaws. The fellow behind me was telling them not to take his mother-in-law as he was pointing her out to them =)
When we returned and got off the train, I asked a couple of the actors if I could get a photo of my cute mom-in-law with them =)
The live music show was very good. They told several stories in poem along with the many songs, a lot that were written by them.
The food was great and no one left hungry! They even came around bringing seconds!
It was a fun evening...thanks for inviting me, mom!! =)
graphics by nitwit collections


Kris said...

SOO fun. And to think that place is just right around the corner from you guys!! :) Can I come sometime????

Anna said...

This looks like such a fun thing! Great pictures.

cheryl said...

What fun!!! Wonder if Brian would be pointin' me out for the outlaws?? Ha! Can't wait to get my arms around those 3 (and 1/2)!

Love your pages! Hoping to be back in the "saddle" myself before long!