Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas Ad & Anna and the Mak

This years Christmas Ad. I actually did the ad for last year when I wasn't even working here yet. I was getting therapy and put one together for fun. Two problems....they are very expensive to run and it is a bit tricky getting all the faces to newsprint crisp. Hope they don't have as many problems as they did last year. It was a lot of fun to put together.
After the funeral today, Anna and I left to go pick up Michael. I had left his DVD player at work so they could drop him off there in case we didn't get back in time to pick him up and decided to go get it so he would have it over at Blums for the evening. I told Anna to come in and meet Joel. He was a NE football player and also played pro in AZ. Andy played against him in high school and said he remembered tackling him in football (and seeing stars afterward...) They graduated the same year. I'm sure Brian would remember him as well. He has been a lot of fun to work with. I think he will only be there another week or so and our new therapist will start.

After the clinic, we headed back to Lincoln. We stopped and cleaned my section at church and then hubby picked us up at their house and had supper and a final visit with the family at Curt & Sandy's. Philip and Shari head back to Chicago tomorrow and Norm and Carol to Phoenix the next day. It was good to see them all again, it would of course, have been nice under different circumstances...

So many of Aunt Verna's friends greeted us and talked about how involved and helpful she was and how much they all will miss her.............and so will we!


cheryl said...

CUTE!! You did a great job on that Christmas Ad!! Don't know how you did it!

You needed to get a little lower on the one with Anna and the baby...and the boy. I want to see her belly! :)

I'll write you later.

Anna said...

Love the Christmas ad! So cute, the snowballs looks real--what did you use? ..and Andy will like the other picture too.

grammy4him said...

The snowballs were just wadded up garbage sacks taped with masking tape. =)