Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ladies Brunch Break...wish you all could come... =)

I have been working on a brunch poster off and on for about two weeks. It was just not coming together and I need to get it printed TODAY so we can get them in the displays tomorrow. I got up this morning and started from scratch again. ....ready to start printing unless someone finds a mistake! =) Wish you all could join us. About three dozen of us take a round table and decorate it with our own Christmas China. I'll have to post photos. It is always GORGEOUS! We sing carols and always have a great feature and inspiring message.

graphics: My all-time favorite Christmas kit by Janna Billman; background and border (no longer available it Janna??). O Holy Night at Funky Playground. Stitched CandyCane alpha from We Are Storytellers. Font: CKQuickstitch.....use that all the time!!


Sandy B said...

So cute! I didn't see any typos or anything. Will look forward to some beautiful pictures! :-)

cheryl said...

OH...cute! AND PLEASE DO post pictures! I still have pictures from BB from 17+ years ago!! LOVE EM!

Things are better...still a rough go tho. God is our comfort and helper in our time of need. Thanks for your prayers. xxoo

Anna said...

Oh my goodness, this is SO ADORABLE!! Love it, I plan on being there! :)

Janna said...

thanks for the birthday wish!

Hugs Janna