Sunday, November 23, 2008

Breakfast Get-Together......

It has been nice to get the family together a few times a year. Diane & Ron were back in town this week for Thanksgiving, so we got together again for breakfast at Cracker.Barrel. I hated that Candy did not get the email, and she and Paul did not get there. We had a nice visit and good food, as always! Michael always enjoys going out and 'shopping' during our visits. He even found a Disney Pez dispenser that he thought he had to have. =) Can't believe how much stuff they can get in those stores!

Cute Farmer stayed home and fertilized the Fudge 80 and some on Liz 80. He would like to get as much fall field work done as possible before the ground freezes up.

I hope to come home from church and get the picnic tables taken down and put away and maybe get the Christmas lights put on the fence, since it is supposed to be in the 50's this afternoon.

I am adding a goose to the turkey menu for Thursday. Alison, from work, will have one for me tomorrow night. The family likes dark meat, so will have both birds on Thursday. Everyone is bringing their 'usual' and we will be eating at noon. Our friends, Brad and Jackie, are joining us this year as well. Always fun to get together......we have so much to be thankful for!!


Anna said...

This looks like a fun little breakfast. Very nice picture--love the frame--where'd you get it? Goose will be fun to try on Thanksgiving, looking forward to being there! (Andy really is after being absent 8 yrs for this holiday!)

grammy4him said...

I am pretty sure the frame was a designer digital story board frahm that I erased the center bar from so I could use it with at 4x6 photo.

Yes, I go get the goose later today. Travis will kill it for me but I have to clean it. I am just cutting off the wings an skinning it. We don't need the skin anyway...there is enough fat in goose without the skin!! =) Should have had Cami here to help! =) ...not really!! =)

Kris said...

Cracker.B never fails to dissapoint, I'm convinced! Glad you had a nice visit. We're trying to get our plans finalized for Thurs. Finally well enough to go and get some of the fixin's purchsed today, and my "butterball's" been in the freezer for a few weeks now.

I'll probably be calling you over the next 2 days with help on preparing some of this stuff that I've never really done on my own for a big holiday...I'm used to making a few side dishes and hopping in the car, after all! :)

Kris said... anna...I'm already imagining Andy's mouth drooling for mom's mashed potatoes and having the entire left side of his plate evenly filled with them (along with a neat little dipped in area for the delicious gravy) ;)