Thursday, November 20, 2008

Harvest is Complete!

We actually saw our last rows of corn a couple of days ago, but we don't consider ourselves 'done' until both the brothers are done and that happened about noon today. It is always good to have those last rows gobbled up by the combine and the last kernals heading up the auger and into the bin.

I also had our house / basement checked for radon this past couple of days. I was very pleased to find out that we tested low! I know he is honest because he knew I fully intended to have a system put in even if it was on the low side of needing one, because Michael spends so much of his time in the basement. The average level was 2.1 and was below that much of the time. The level that the recommend to start putting a system in in 4.0, so he said we were sitting good. He said his basement tested 16 when he checked his!!! He put a system in right away!

I have been having computer problems for probably a month now. I have to restart it several times a day if I am working on it and I backup my books each time I do checks (which is a good habit anyway, but I never did that often before). I am afraid I am going to crash and have tried several different things...none helping. Brian is supposed to call tonight and see what he can do. Ahhh's a love/hate relationship............... =)


Anna said...

Ya-hoo! for harvest...and boo-hoo for computer problems, no fun! So glad harvest is behind you for the year, and a week away from Thanksgiving.

cheryl said...

Yes, there is much to be thankful for! Glad that is behind you and you can look eagerly towards Spring planting season! Ha!

I know you are looking more eagerly to one such trip south before that though!!!

Lord willing, I'll get to take a peek at that "blossoming belly" soon too!

Kris said...

Always such a good feeling to have the crops all gathered in. Just in time to have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration, too! We'll miss you guys next week. Eat lots of cranberries! (I bought my bag already!)