Wednesday, November 19, 2008

To Encourage or Be Encouraged....

The devotional below was revealed in true life to me today as Jackie and I went to visit Amy, our dear sister in Christ. She has suffered with Lupus for ...I don't know how many years anymore...over 10 for sure. We always think we will stop by and encourage her. I know she would say we did, but we always come away so much more encouraged than she possibly can! I don't know how many times we have told her we would trade one day with her, to give her a break from this disease, if we only could. She always praises God for her trials and the strength to endure them and quickly admits her days of failure to hold fast in the depths of pain, but quickly professes the fact that the Lord Jesus does not leave her there, but gives her yet another day of grace to endure.

Amy was due to have a 'sore' removed from her tongue tomorrow, seeing that it just would not heal, and was getting deeper and more sore. It has totally dissapeared....something rare for Lupus and for her. She gives God the glory, and we are so thankful she does'nt have to go through surgery! As we prayed together, her tears and sincere praise were such a tender reminder of Jesus using Amy, once again, to remind us of His love for us...and for her.

Happiest of Birthdays, Amy. It is such a joy to have a sister like you! =)

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Kris said...

Beautiful. I'm thankful that you and Jackie obeyed the Spirit's leading to visit her, and that you came away with a blessing, too!

I know that would be true with that dear friend! :)