Friday, January 30, 2009

Celebrating Tonight....

Smiley stayed over last night and she is going to help me get Michael's party ready for tonight. We are celebrating birthday #29 a couple days early. We are having bbq pulled pork sandwiches, turkey noodle soup and a big chocolate chip pizza size birthday cookie this year. (He had a cupcake cake with KZ before we came down). Smiley will help make the noodles for the soup and the big cookie. Michael is pretty excited about that. I have not made any desserts yet...we have eaten a lot of fresh fruits here for desserts =). Norm and cousin Carol are coming down and Brian and Amy will join us as well.

I ran around with a stiff neck all day yesterday..and it is a bit better this morning...hope it is all gone before the day is over =). I have a bit of a cold and think it kind of settled in my crazy neck...of course hubby has been making fun of it... =)

The batteries in my wireless mouse died.....we WILL be walking to Wal.greens for new am I spoiled! =)

I brought down my Christmas present from the beautiful digital frame. I got a ton of last years favorite photos installed and can have it running tonight. I'll finish loading Virgil and June's when we get back. I got a 2 gb card here for less than $20 so I am picking one up for them, too. You can put a lot of photos on that card!! =) Thanks kids, we have been enjoying it!! =)

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Anna said...

Oh, fun! You'll have to post pictures of his party...we sent a card for him to B&A's, hope you got had a 'hint' on it to the present waiting for him at home.

p.s.--your hubby and his awnry son show 'sympathy' in the same humorous manner! :)