Saturday, January 31, 2009

We got up and made Michael a big chocolate chip/ walnut birthday cookie. Smiley was not quite awake but very willing to help! =) Later we got the noodles made for the turkey noodle soup. I had the pork roast in the oven gettting that ready for bbq pork sandwiches...
For some reason these upload out of order than what I put and if I move them around they can't be enlarged so anyway......the last photo of the group was supposed to be next and after we ate, we sang Happy Birthday and had Michael blow out his candles and had cookie bars and ice cream.

Norm and Carol brought Michael two nice T-Shirts and a great pop up book (that Rylie is trying to steal =) and Anna sent this card that he adores!! (I forgot Andy and Anna, and Adam and Kristin's birthday gifts back in he will have more gifts to open when we get back!)

We were glad to have Norm and Carol join us for the evening and had such a nice visit with them. They met Amy for the first time this evening.

Today Brian and Amy and Rylie and the rest of us are heading down to Sky.Dive, AZ to watch the them sky dive. We usually come down almost each year. They are amazing...and NO, I have NO DESIRE to do it....wish I could say the same about my hubby, but I hope he has enough sense in his 'old' age to ignore it.... =)


Anna said...

Great pictures! The skydiving sounds fun. And the birthday cookie looks awesome!! :)

cheryl said...

Those ARE great pictures! Thank you so much for posting these! My, oh my...Carter is GROWING!!! Happy Birthday Michael!!! I had forgotten!
Things look the same Sandy...just like when Amy and I came down last year to visit! Wish we could come back...but that's not on the agenda until Mayish!
Have FUN!

Janna said...

Happy Birthday to Michael