Thursday, February 05, 2009

Another Fine Day....

We enjoyed another 80 degree day. We smile that it always says highs in the.... and down here, it always is several degrees warmer than they predict.. ok by us!! =) That can get old in the summer I bet!!

We attended the SALT study this afternoon. They are still studying Genesis. They were in Genesis last year when we went also. Neil is a great teacher. We found out what SALT means today. One fellow said it is "Seniors Acting Like Teenagers" Neil said it means "Senior Adults Learning Together" ...then one of the origionals said it really started as "Senior Adults Living Triumphantly" any rate, they are a great bunch and we enjoy the class a lot...even though I am really not old enough to be a member officially for over another year! gulp.. =)

Cheryl....I finally put the slide show in below of SKYDIVE.AZ from last Saturday. It was a lot of fun!! =) We even stopped in the afternoon for an icecream treat...didn't even get a photo of that!

If Amy feels up to it, we are having our girls day out tomorrow. I have been looking forward to it. =)We need to go get Michael's bloodwork done in the am. He has not had any more seizures here...Praise the Lord!! He has been so funny. I have had the digital frame running for over a week and it is making him homesick! I told him not to wish away these beautiful days and time with Brian, Amy and it will be cold when we get back home!!! He misses all you all back home...and so do we, really!! ..but we are staying the full time here..Lord willing!! =)


Anna said...

Aw, that makes me feel good that Michael and you guys are a bit homesick..we are missing you too! The weather is SO gorgeous today--topping out above 60. And a nice warm week ahead too. The SALT study sounds good. Fun to see the pictures, thanks for sharing!

cheryl said...

Sorry to hear we have a sick girl again! I accused her of avoiding her mother in law today! Ha! Need to get her well again so you two can have some FUN before you have to leave again! I'm thinking next Tuesday she'll be pretty hungry for lunch...since she has her Glucose Test! Ha!