Thursday, February 05, 2009

Enjoying the Weather...

We went swimming all afternoon yesterday and went out to Joe's.bbq for supper with friends, Laura and Ken. Had such a nice visit with them.

I mixed up a batch of sugar cookie dough last night and am getting ready to roll them out and make 3 dozen Valentine cookies to take to our SALT group this afternoon (signed up to bring treats today). I am only going to use sprinkles and sugar as I forgot to bring food coloring and don't want to make a trip to the store just for that. I'll have to save some for Smiley to decorate next time she comes over!! =)

I have a ton of last year's favorite photos running on my digital frame and Michael stands and watches it and it is making him homesick for NE. He'll say..."there's my room" or "there's where I work....awwwww....I miss those guys"..... I'm missing family and friends.....but not the weather!

Michael is also working on a 1000 piece puzzle on a card table here in the dining room. We all work on it here and there. He can't put this one together in an afternoon like he was doing with his 500 piece ones. =) He even let us put the outside together....which he NEVER does right away. It is probably about 1/3 put together. It is a really cool 'Jungle-Book' one. Amy, you better get over here if you want in on any of this one!! =)

Well, better go turn my oven on and get to baking cookies....... =)


cheryl said...

Sounds like you're having lots of fun in the sun! I'll be making my Valentines cookies the day before, lest we eat them all before Valentines Day! ha!

Say...where's that slideshow you promised?? PLEEEEEZZEEEE??? ; )

Valpo, about 20 miles east of us got 24 inches of snow yesterday. WE didn't get a skiff! PTL!!

missin' AZ heat right about now!

Anna said...

Mmm, cookies sound good! We are missing you guys too!!! The puzzle sounds fun. Enjoy the weather--we are having a very nice weekend and week ahead.