Thursday, February 19, 2009

Helping a Friend....

We have had such a good Esther Study since we have been down here. I go to the ladies study on Wed. a.m. It has been great to be involved in a couple of mid-week studies ....that take only minutes to get to!

This morning I am running (well, not literally) up north to help a friend from SALT class with a photo project. They live in one of the 55 parks and she is in a photo club. She has a great photo she wants to print as an 8x10 but wants to get a pesky fence out of the front...thought I would show her some options she might try. She has Elements and is very frustrated trying to use it. I (well actually hubby) mentioned that I use it all the time, and I told her I would be happy to come give her some pointers. =) We have SALT this afternoon. Neil does such a great job teaching Genesis.

I'm wondering if I am going to get a walk in today...I should just go out early before the guys get up. As I look at the calendar...there are not a lot of days left for us in this beautiful weather!...then back to the tread mill for walks till spring back home. =)

We hope to have some NE friends up for supper tomorrow night. Steve was going to call them today to see if it would work for them. Will probably grill and make a big apple crisp for dessert. Eric and Elaine are headed back to NE on running out of time. =)

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cheryl said...

What a sweet way to serve your sister! I have a pesky fence that needs to be gone my backyard! It's literally "falling down"! ;) I need a new printer! Mine just isn't cooperating and is WAY too dotty for the projects I want to print! Ahhh...someday!