Sunday, March 15, 2009

Grammy Fix

Cami and Calvin came out yesterday and spent the night. They are so much fun. I can't believe what a happy boy Calvin is turning in to!!! He normally has some unhappy moments here and there and the only time he fussed at all was the moment I set him down in the bath and it was over as soon as the rubber shark showed up! =) When they went down for a rest...Calvin fell fast asleep and Cami was laying down reading books on the living room floor....uh..well...she read a few books and found the book about painting cute things on your nails...which also has the polish with it. She did a great job. There was not a speck of polish any where but her fingernail....many layers of polish. But the nice thing with this is it peels right off. She had it all off in a couple of hours. =)
They played for a couple of hours outside. It was such a nice afternoon. The swingset is always the first thing they go to. Calvin was going to go down the slide and changed his mind when he got to the top. He did not want me to help him go down. He just wanted to climb back down. He played with a basketball for a while while Cami decorated the driveway with chalk then I got out the riding toys.

I thought of a new game for them. They spent about another hour riding the toys down the hill to the shop and pushing them back up and heading back down again. After supper and baths, they were fast asleep at 8 pm. Grammy and Grandpa popped popcorn and watch Mead take state in the boys high school basketball tournament!!


cheryl said...'re little Lincoln peeps are getting all grown up! Just get to start it all over again in a few weeks! Isn't God so good to us???

I've been thinking alot about your chick rolls...wonderin' if I'm going to try them again this year. I made cinnamon rolls last Thursday for B.S. and I have 2 leftover. I'm going to make a mini bread pudding tomorrow with those. I just reminded me of you!

love you.

Anna said...

Oh, these are SO much fun to look at! I know they had such a blast. Thanks so much for taking them...and especially for wearing them out good! ..they'll nap great all week now. :) I know they had just as much fun as we did on our date day. Great pics!! They missed their Grammy & Grandpa.

Kris said...

*love* the photos and glad you had a great time with those little smiley faces!!!