Saturday, March 07, 2009

Super Saturday...

I talked to Smiley on the phone this morning and Brian got some computer issues fixed for me. Yea..our laptop recognizes the wireless router again. I have been working on my handouts for the computer class at church on Tuesday morning.

Andy, Anna (and Jude =), Calvin and Cami...are coming out for supper!! Can't wait to see them all!! Got out stuff to make meat balls (we all like the crunchy on the ends of meatloaf so I just make it all into meatballs now =), baked potatoes and baked beans. Probably apple crisp for dessert as I have the apples on hand...and a little ice cream on the side, I suppose. =)

We are also excited to get back to church in the morning. When got home it didn't seem like we had been gone that long, but when we think about how long it's been since we saw the kids and grandkids, it is too long!! =) ...especially after the events of the week...we just want to hold them all a little tighter these days.... See you later, kids!! =)


Anna said...

Looking forward to it!! Getting the kids good and napped today...and the menu sounds great!

cheryl said...

I'm sure you had tons of fun seeing them....and seeing how much little Jude has grown. IT's hard to believe in just a few short weeks you'll have another grandson...and a few short weeks after that, you get a nuther! : )
We're off to early church in the AM, then home to get the stuff and headin' out to the country. The stroller looks wonderful! She's got the car seat she bought with it listed on Craigslist now, hoping to get some of her money back since she already has 1 carseat that matches.
I'll call you sometime next week so we can do some grammyjabber!
love you. c