Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thanks kids....

I should have gotten a photo of Michael with his new Oscar.the.Grouch t-shirt and hand full of new Sesame.Street Characters from the birthday gifts I forgot to take along on our trip. He has been celebrating for well over a month now. He wore the new shirt to work yesterday and a couple of the friends went along in his lunch bag yesterday and today. He is very happy to be back home and back with all of his friends and stuffed!! =)

We were only home a little over an hour on Tuesday night when I got a call from a co-worker with a sick little girl....wanting to know if I could work for her yesterday. I was taking Michael over at 8 a.m. anyway, so told her I would work until 5 minutes until 2, as I needed a haircut two weeks ago, and did not want to miss my scheduled appointment if possible. Her hubby took off work early and she came and I got my much needed haircut!! It was fun to see everyone and saw a couple of the old patients, and many new faces. A nice new (to me) patient brought us all a delicious lunch of b-b-q chicken and baked potatoes with all the fixens. It smelled so good it was hard to wait the 45 minutes to lunch time!! That was so nice of him and I was glad I got called in!! finish putting things away from our trip. I hope to get the super messy car washed this afternoon. We had a clean car for six weeks in Phoenix and back to the melting snow and sloppy roads of Nebraska!! =) It is supposed to rain tomorrow and Saturday, so I know it will be futile, but at least I will be able to see out better! It is a gorgeous day here today....glad it followed us home! =)

Sure been thinking of and praying for our friends in Colorado these past days. My mind always wanders back to them and this tough week. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for them too.

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Anna said...

Glad Michael likes his new Ses. St. gear--sounds like a yummy work lunch!