Tuesday, March 03, 2009

We Are Home!

We just got home about 8 p.m. got everything unloaded and Michael quickly searched through everything and got all of his stuff put away already.

We stopped by and visited our friends this morning. Please continue to pray for them. They are thanking their Lord, Jesus Christ, for the 18 years they had with Austin and know that it was his predestined time to go. They ask for prayer for strength in the coming days. The funeral is on Friday. Please pray for the whole family. You think you are going to stop and give them encouragement, and they gave more to us than we left with them. We are so blessed to have so many faithful friends! It was a privilege to pray with them and we promise to keep them in our prayers in the days and weeks to come.


Andy said...

Welcome home! We will pray for your friends during this difficult time. Glad you made it home safely-- and just in time for nice weather over the next few days (well, not as nice as the 70s and 80s you are used to, but in the 50s at least!)

cheryl said...

Welcome home sweet sistah...So glad you're back home safe and sound. Will continue to pray for your friends as the Lord sustains them through their loss.

Amy comes in tomorrow...SO looking forward to this visit! Little did I know when I hugged her goodbye in Jan., telling her the next time I'd see her would be when she was a mommy....that she'd be back in my arms while Carter was still growing inside her! It'll be SUCH a blessing to feel his little body wriggle inside of her! (providing she lets me lay hands on her!) Ha!

We'll keep you posted as to our activities! Sleep well!!!!

Anna said...

SO glad you guys are home! Thanks for bringing this warm weather with you. :)

That is a really neat testimony of your friends and their faith and trust in the Lord. We will definately pray for that family!