Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Year Ago Today....... =)

Happy Anniversary, Brian and Amy!!!! I remember getting up that morning ....all of us at Amy's folk's house. Kristin was braiding Smiley's hair and we were getting ready...then off to the church. The cake was beautiful, but the were GORGEOUS, Amy!!....and that smile on my son's face...thank you Lord, for this new little family and now we will have Carter coming along in a little over a month! Hope you have a special day together...we love you!! Dad, Mom & Michael.

Brian, thank you so much for getting me back online yesterday. Now I can get my projects done. I have two graduation announcements to finish designing and posters and nametags for April Salad and Dessert Night at church. ..(and April Prayer sheets for Sunday School). A person doesn't realize how much they use their computer until it doesn't work any more!! =)

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cheryl said...

...and Mama having a headache so bad she couldn't join us for the family dinner...

I still grieve that a little.

But we thank God for putting their little family together too...and He's not finished YET! ;) Can't WAIT!

Glad you're up and running. Seems we have a hard time with computer glitches too! Good thing to have a guru in the family, huh?