Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Another Year Older....

Me, Anna, Janice H., Carol S., Cami, Jackie and the curly top of Calvin =)
I turned another year older yesterday, and what a nice birthday! I had so many cards come in the mail this past week, wonderful email greetings and many on which was fun. Heard from old friends that I rarely get to see (and a couple I've never even met in person...we are digital scrapbookers.. =) I went to our ladies bible study at church and then out to eat with some of my most favorite people in the world. I am going in to work for an hour or so this morning so on of my co-workers can take her daughter to school with her birthday cupcakes! =)

I worked on Julies graduation announcements last night. They are 2/3s done. Need to get the vellum overlay printed and get them punched and the ribbon through. Kelsey is stopping by today with the silver paper she picked up for Ryans and then on to work on those. Can't believe we are winding down on nieces and nephews graduating from high school!! Still have those Kentucky kids in the wings!! =)

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Anna said...

Can't wait to see the graduation announcements! Glad you had a happy bday--sure enjoyed lunch with all you gals!