Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Calvinator heads home today....

The 'boys' are still sleeping this morning. Cute farmer headed to the field an hour ago. He planted corn on the Storm 80 yesterday (the north 40) and we moved the planter down to Tarpenning's last night. We will take lunch over to him around noon and head down to Lincoln to take Calvin home. We are going to miss that little guy. He has played so good here and repeats EVERYTHING!! =) What a hoot.

The "stinky cows" have kept us laughing all weekend. We have a feedlot two miles south of here and you definately know it when you drive by. When we went by on Sunday with both Cami and Calvin, we talked about the "stinky cows" and he has talked a lot about it since.

I also have him doing the "who's my boy?" and he says "meeeeeee", touching his chest with both hands. All of the Johnson boys did that, too! =) I remember when Xander was little and I asked Will "who's my bud" and he said..."isn't Xander your bud, too?" What a sweet big brother!! I can't wait to have them all together this summer!!! That is the best Christmas present a grammy could have!!!

Michael is up now....wanting some breakfast...... =)


Kris said...

Ours would still all say "meee". :)

Anna said...

How funny! I'll have to ask him about the stinky cows...they are both playing together still, Cami missed her best friend! Thanks for taking him, I know it was tons of fun for him.