Friday, May 01, 2009

Baby time again...

We will be welcoming another new grandson this weekend!! Amy is scheduled to check in the hospital on Saturday evening at 7pm. I can't wait for the call and photos will be posted as soon as I receive them!!! =) Grandpa Dennis and Grammy Cheryl are probably gettting ready to hop in the car as I write!! It will be a long month before Aunt Kristin and I fly down to fight over him!! =)..oh did I REALLY say that?? I'll share a little!! =)

I couldn't sleep. I woke up and started praying for this weekend's details and decided to just get up, read my morning devotions and check emails and blogs and hop in the shower and start getting ready for work and packing todays lunches.

I was so glad to get the place mowed last evening. It was so beautiful and it is getting so green out. We burned a couple hundred seed sacks while the wind was so still. I need to get my garden tilled and something planted in it!! Hope to get that job done on Saturday and hope I have time to stop at the store today after work....we are all out of fresh fruit.

.....all for today...will keep you posted on the baby front...... =)


Kris said...

We're hoping to see lots of yummies growing in Grammy's garden and Grandpa Lloyd's when we land in NE this summer!! (ok...we really want to TASTE and see) ;)

All of us are praying for Carter's arrival. The boys are excited that all these boy cousins are coming along now!

Kathy said...

And now I must stalk all the F. family blogs again until this little face is shown. :) Happy for you all in this special time of your lives!