Saturday, May 02, 2009

May 3rd???

No baby yet...but Amy checks in tonight and they will get the ball rolling!! Her mom and pop are on their way down and I hope they are standing right outside that door to hear his first cry!!! I have been praying for days that she will be the quickest of us all to pop that little guy out!! She has had a time of it this nine months and is ready to have that little guy in her arms. I talked to Smiley for a minute this morning and she said she is ready to hold him too!! =)

Cute farmer got my tiller started for me this morning and I just got in from tilling the garden. I'll have to pick up some plants and seed on Tuesday when I take Camil and Calvin home..if I have time. I sure hope it does better than last years garden. My plants got hailed on three times and I had a pretty worthless crop. I only have a couple quarts of tomatoes left, so would really like to get some canned. Cute farmer also informed me this morning that he did not leave any place to plant sweet corn and I am not happy about that at all! I have a few bags in the freezer but not near enough to skip a year. Guess I'll have to buy my corn this year...bummer!

Well, back out ...too nice to be inside today!! (I need to get my desktop computer hooked back up!) .....maybe later....

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