Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prayer and Praise...

Cute Farmer has been having some tests run on his lungs the past few weeks. When we returned from AZ, he was having some discomfort in his left upper chest right under his collar bone. We wanted to make sure something wasn't going on with his heart, so he went to the Dr. and was sent right on to the heart institute to get a CT scan. When the results came back, they determined that the heart looked ok, but his lungs had a problem. The doctor took a couple more x-rays over the next couple of weeks thinking they looked better, but still showed signs of "something". He went to a specialist this morning and he ordered another CT scan and showed us the last one and the x-rays and the "cloudy" areas that they are concerned about in both lungs. The praise is that they feel lung cancer is way down the list, but some things at the top are possible fungus...maybe from Valley.Fever maybe picked up while we were in AZ. He has an appt next Thursday to go over the scan and might have to have his lungs 'washed' which might get a little tricky as he is on a blood thinner. We rest in God's care for us as we go through the tests. He feels fine and continues to keep busy with the farm 'stuff' every day. Thanks for your prayers on his behalf concerning this...direction for the doctors, etc. Thanks. =)

I leave on Saturday to head down to Phoenix to meet mr. Carter. =) It is coming quickly now and am starting to think about the little bit of packing I will do. A carryon is all that is planned, but I need to have some food ready for my guys while I am gone and I work 7 to close tomorrow, so trying to get my 'ducks in a row'. I promise hugs from Indiana on through NE to cover him when I get there. I, of course, am very excited to see Brian, Amy, Rylie and Kristin, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be a short, but much cherished trip!!! =) (Camera is coming too!!=)


cheryl said...

Well this post covered an array of emotion. My heart SANK when I read your first paragraph, but when I read he had the CT, I felt better for him. Sometimes tests are a curse...and sometimes they are a blessing, huh? Dennis and I'll be praying for accurate results with as little invasion as possible! heart jumped for joy when I read about your trip to AZ and the little family reunion you'll have there! Amy's QUITE ready for you to come visit! ;) She had a hard day yesterday, but today's proving better already. She's eager to have motherly "experience" come on board to help give her a boost! She was a bit frantic about getting her house cleaned and I reminded her that you girls aren't coming to inspect the house, but to hug and hold! ;) I'm so happy you'll give the lil buggar some hugs from Indiana too! I miss him so much my heart hurts sometimes! I'm NOT going to have any medical tests done to see if it's something else either. Let's just go with "I miss em all"!!!
Enjoy your time there...and are most welcome!

Anna said...

So glad you get to go see him! And we are very thankful that it looks like pretty good news on Dad's lungs..thanks for the update there, we'll be praying.

Kathy said...

I didn't know you and Steve were going through this! Will be praying!!!!

ENJOY your special time in the dessert this weekend!!! Gets lots of love and hugs in and will look forward to pictures. :)

p.s. when I read the 2nd paragraph the first time I thought you had written "A crayon is all I planned..." and I was thinking.....well what in the world do you need to take a crayon for? ha!

Sandy B said...

Was sure surprised to hear this news on Steve! A lady here at work thought she had Valley Fever also (after visiting in AZ), but it turned out to be something else. We'll be praying - please keep us posted.

We'll be thinking of you and Kris as you make your trip down - have a wonderful time together! :-)