Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend...

Saturday, I got meatloaf, baked potatoes and baked beans...and a bowl of rice pudding, ready for the guys for dinner and supper for the day and headed to Wahoo. I rode with my boss up to Sioux City, IA for another therapist's wedding. It was a beautiful spring day and such a nice drive up. We saw a herd of buffalo driving through Winnebago. The wedding was beautiful and so were the bride and groom. =) The reception was at a hotel on the river. There was a wall of windows overlooking the water...gorgeous! I wish I had gotten my camera out when it was still light. Hardly any of the photos came out..it was just too dark. Here is a silly photo of Kelly, Carie and I after Kelly tied the chair bows in our hair. They had a fun time dancing and singing karaoke. We didn't leave until almost 11:30 and I didn't lay my head on my pillow until 2 am! I was so thankful I stayed awake in church!! Sunday we ate out with friends at Hy-Vee.buffet and headed home for much needed naps.

Memorial Day morning began with a trip to Memphis Lake. The snack shack re-opened and we met brother Steve and neighbor Marvy there for breakfast...one of Michael's favorite things to do in the summer. After that we headed up to the Mead cemetery for the Memorial Day program. The grounds were beautifully decorated and the messages and reading of the fallen soilders and firefighter was moving...to say the least. The 21 gun salute always brings me to tears. All of those young men and women that gave their all for us....

We drove on in to the folks for a taco lunch and stayed and visited with family then headed back home, as the kids were coming out to grill for supper. I wanted to have a picnic outside but it was a little too windy.

After supper we headed outside to let the kids play for a while.

They always love to spend a big part of the time on the swing set.

Cami is so brave ..up and down and all around...

Calvin is a bit more leery of the slide, but manages it all by himself.

.....and the little Dude just sleeps right through it all..... =)


Kris said...

you 3 looked so coordinated for the wedding...the hairbows are a nice touch ;) I remember Caroline tying a pink one in her hair at Brian & Amy's wedding.

Grandma's Memorial taco lunch lives on! Sure hated to miss that. I LOVE taco and I LOVE you all!! :)

cheryl said...

I remember that darling girl running around with a pink bow in her hair too...such a beautiful touch!! Seems like year ago...and seems like yesterday all at once!
I don't know about Grandma's taco lunch...but I do like taco's so I'd for sure fit in!
You girls are getting ready for a sweet, sweet trip to AZ soon, huh? Give my little grandson a hug from Grammy...and also that little cupcake!!! I miss em all so much I could have a tummy ache! ;)