Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thun.der by the

The guys are still sleeping, as they didn't get home until ...well, I got a call around midnight that our neighbor beat the #1 whenever after that. I fell back asleep, but did hear them rustling around when they got home...just didn't open my eyes to see what time that was...

We are headed back up for day 2 of Thun.der by the, a huge Grand National tractor pull. It starts around noon today. I'm going to cook up Saturday breakfast and pack up some snacks and bottles of water and get ready to head out.

We need to get there somewhat early to get a better spot to plant our chairs. By that, I mean plant.....the seating is a slope on both sides, so if you prefer a chair to a blanket, you take along a little trowel, and dig out where the back legs of your chairs go so you are not looking at your feet when you sit down! =)

Fun times.

I know I have not posted any of Michael's photos yet. He forgot to take his camera last night, but I am sure he will want it today and I will take mine along to get photos of him taking photos!! =)

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Anna said...

Sounds like fun!