Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bean Harvest Begins...

I went to work yesterday afternoon, as cute farmer was heading out to see if some beans are ready to cut. When I called him after work he was sitting in line at the elevator. Yea, I feel like harvest has really begun now. They have picked some corn and cut a couple of truck loads of beans, so everything is working and ready to keep going. We only got sprinkles in the night, so hoping they can keep going today.

I'm going to call my sis-in-law and see if she has any spare apples on her tree that I could come get and get in the freezer for the winter. Also heading over to Wahoo after lunch to a sweet friend's 90th birthday party!! She just doesn't seem like she could be 90 already!!!

Michael was supposed to go to a dinner dance at Pershing Aud. in Lincoln tonight but told me he does NOT want to go, so won't have to run him around for that. I was a little surprised..because it is FOOD..not because of the dance part.... =)

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cheryl said...

;)<---Michael makes me smile...A LOT!