Thursday, September 17, 2009

Harvest and Jude the Dude! =)

We had the grandbabies out weekend before last and it was Jude's first overnighter with us. =)
I grabbed this snap of the field east of our house. The beans are really changing.
It was really too dark this evening to take this photo. I had to adjust it quite a bit, but wanted to show how tall this corn is!! They are picking it wet to sell to a cattle feeder and it will be all done by tomorrow.
Jude the Dude and Crampaw.. =)
This one was taken right when I got out with supper. They ate late because they sat in line waiting to get unloaded. I made cute farmer go stand out there by this tall corn so we could see just how tall it was!! The ears were by his head!


Sandy B said...

Wow - I love the picture of how tall the cornstalks are!

Anna said...

Beautiful pics! Love the colors of the field..(that IS some tall corn!) And love how Jude's hand is on your he's holding you close. :) He told me he had a GREAT 1st overnighter at Grammy & Crampaw's and wants to come back many more times! :)

cheryl said...

Oh my goodness...I've NEVER seen corn that tall!!! How beautiful!!!

And what fun to have Jude for an overnight! I can't wait for those good times in my future! Of course, I'll have to send Brian and Amy on to Michigan to a B&B in order to have Rylie and Carter to myself! I've just had a wonderful week with Kiki....she's such a sweet little thang!

Jude sure is filling out! Looks almost like a toddler already! Isn't it amazing how fast they grow??

Kris said...

Mom, that pic of you and Jude looks like a perfect new profile pic for your fb page! Glad he enjoyed his overnighter, and glad to see that harvest in swing!! :)